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  • Medicare isn’t enough…and people are starting to catch on

    If you are here, its because you already figured it out! Medicare is simply not enough coverage for the average (or even super healthy) person. Medicare Advantage provides the coverage you deserve. In fact, Medicare Advantage enrollment has doubled in the past decade. Here’s why: The secret that traditional Medicare and supplemental Medicare plans don’t…

  • Medicare A, B, C and D: An overview (2022 Update)

    Medicare A, B, C and D: An overview (2022 Update)

    Medicare A, B, C and D are all important when learning about Medicare. Make sure to read this article to learn how to save money and make the right choice.

  • Regence Medicare Advantage plans in 2021

    Regence is a health insurance company offering products to those who live in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. They offer Medicare Advantage for those who are over 65 and have some great benefits. Today I will provide a comprehensive review of Regence Medicare Advantage.  Regence Medicare Advantage overview Types of Medicare Advantage plans offered by Regence…

  • Does Medicare cover the shingles vaccine ? (2022 Update)

    The shingles vaccine, called Shingrix, is a widely available vaccine to protect against shingles and postherpetic neuralgia. Adult over the age of 50 are recommended to get both doses of Shingrix to prevent occurence of disease. Medicare recipients fall into this category and should absolutely get the vaccine. If you have Medicare, you may be…

  • What are the Medicare income limits? (2022 update)

    What are the Medicare income limits? (2022 update)

    Medicare Part B costs are adjusted for your yearly income, based on the two years prior. For example in 2022, your Medicare costs will be based off of your 2020 tax return. Medicare income limits applied to these numbers can drastically change your monthly costs. Each year, Medicare tends to raise their prices to keep up…

  • Do Medicare Advantage plans cover ESRD? (2022 Update)

    Starting in 2021, folks with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) can enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Historically, if you have ESRD you have been unable to enroll in Advantage plans unless you had a plan before you were diagnosed. Let’s talk about ESRD, Medicare Advantage, and SNPs. ESRD and Medicare Advantage ESRD is a serious illness…

  • Medigap Explained in 2021

    Need help understanding Medigap? You’re not alone. This post will explain all of the different plans and how they compare to Medicare Advantage

  • 0 Coinsurance: What does it mean? (2022 Update)

    0 coinsurance is a great topic for us to discuss here because it truly is confusing. Many people have reached out about coinsurance because its one of the many terms they have to understand when picking a plan. Below is a quick review of topics for this post: What is coinsurance? The Pros and Cons…

  • Is WellCare Medicare Advantage good? (2022 Update)

    Is WellCare Medicare Advantage good? (2022 Update)

    WellCare’s Medicare Advantage Plan is one of the most sought after plans for those with WellCare availability. I chose WellCare Medicare Advantage because of their recent popularity and growth in the Medicare Advantage world. For this plan, I selected the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan titled “WellCare Premier PPO” and chose a zip code in…

  • HMO versus PPO: Learn the difference

    HMO versus PPO: Learn the difference

    Learn the difference between an HMO and a PPO for both dental and medical insurance.