Medicare isn’t enough…and people are starting to catch on

If you are here, its because you already figured it out! Medicare is simply not enough coverage for the average (or even super healthy) person. Medicare Advantage provides the coverage you deserve.

In fact, Medicare Advantage enrollment has doubled in the past decade. Here’s why:

The secret that traditional Medicare and supplemental Medicare plans don’t want you to know: Medicare Advantage plans can often come at $0 additional cost.

Yep. But every plan is different, and what is offered changes by the zipcode. That’s why you need to be picky when finding a plan. My book tells you exactly what to look for in a plan and will help you find the coverage you deserve at the price you need.

Don’t get suckered into the wrong plan

Once you turn 65, endless emails, flyers and advertisements will flood your inboxes trying to sell you a supplemental Medicare plan or Medicare Advantage plan. Do not make a decision without reading the book. I’m serious – I would rather you have the book for free than have you lose hundreds of dollars on a bad plan.

What you need to learn before buying ANY type of Medicare

You need to know star ratings, prescription drug tiers, IRMAA, and how to read a summary of benefits before you get started. My book has detail on all of these topics – including screenshots of actual Medicare Advantage plans.

Save thousands of dollars by reading my pocket guide

Supplemental Medicare plans can cost you $100+ per month. My book costs less than $10 and can make sure you get better coverage….for free. I’m biased, but it is a good deal. Click below to get started: