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  • GoodRx Gold in 2022: Is it worth it?

    If you have prescription drugs, chances are that you have heard of GoodRx. GoodRx is a card that provides discounts on some prescription drugs at certain pharmacies. GoodRx Gold is a step-up from GoodRx and can provide great benefits. Pharmacies partner with GoodRx similarly to a coupon program. The pharmacies offer discounted prices if you […]

  • Is Highmark Community Blue PPO Medicare Advantage good?

    Is Highmark Community Blue PPO Medicare Advantage good?

    Highmark Community Blue PPO insurance is a Medicare Advantage plan offered to folks in Pennsylvania. This plan is very popular, but is it good health insurance? Let’s review some of its features and compare it to other plans. Topics covered in this post: Definition of “PPO” with Highmark Community Blue What is the cost of […]

  • 9 Pregnancy and Baby products you can purchase with your HSA or FSA (2022 Update)

    If you are a new mom or dad and have a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA), you can save a lot of money. Many products are approved by the IRS for use on newborn products. You can also spend this money on some of mom’s recovery and even reimburse yourself for […]

  • Does a copay go towards my deductible?

    Does a copay go towards my deductible?

    Does a copay go towards my deductible?

  • HSA Contribution Limits in 2022: Key changes you should know

    Today we are going to cover contribution limits to an HSA for the year 2022. Each year, the amount that one can contribute to an HSA has incrementally increased. 2022 is no different, as the contribution limit has once again changed.   What is an HSA? What is a HDHP? Why contribute to an HSA HSA […]

  • 80/20 Coinsurance: What does it mean?

    Coinsurance is a great topic for us to discuss here because it truly is confusing. Every insurance plan has some form of coinsurance, meaning this term will impact your wallet whether you like it or now. 80/20 is one of the most common forms of coinsurance and will apply to most people across the country. […]

  • High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans (2022 Update)

    If you are new to Medigap, AKA supplemental Medicare, you may not know that a few of the plans offer high-deductible plans. These plans are my favorite type of Medigap plans. I’ll explain why after we answer a few of the basics.  Here’s what we will cover in this guide: What is supplemental Medicare aka […]

  • Is Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement good? (2022 Answer)

    Mutual of Omaha offers Medicare supplemental health insurance, also known as Medigap. In this post I will cover what these plans offer, what they cost, and whether or not I think Mutual of Omaha offers a good product. Specifically, I will review Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Medicare Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Here […]

  • What is the difference between deductible and out of pocket max?

    One question I get all the time from friends and family is: what’s the difference between deductible vs out of pocket max?  The two terms represent similar milestones in your health insurance plan, but are completely different. Let’s explore further. Here are the topics we will review: What is a deductible? What is a high-deductible […]

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