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  • What is the difference between deductible and out of pocket max?

    One question I get all the time from friends and family is: what’s the difference between deductible vs out of pocket max?  The two terms represent similar milestones in your health insurance plan, but are completely different. Let’s explore further. Here are the topics we will review: What is a deductible? What is a high-deductible…

  • Do Medicare Advantage plans cover ESRD? (2022 Update)

    Starting in 2021, folks with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) can enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Historically, if you have ESRD you have been unable to enroll in Advantage plans unless you had a plan before you were diagnosed. Let’s talk about ESRD, Medicare Advantage, and SNPs. ESRD and Medicare Advantage ESRD is a serious illness…

  • Medigap Plan G: 2022 Review (Updated)

    Learn about Medigap Plan G and Plan F.

  • AARP Medigap Plan Review

    AARP Medigap Plan Review

    AARP Medigap I’ll jump right into it – Medigap is a supplemental health insurance plan that offsets the costs of Medicare. For those with Medicare Part A and Part B, Medigap can be purchased for an additional premium. Medigap is also known as supplemental Medicare. What does Medigap cover? Medigap plans typically help cover the…

  • Medigap Explained in 2021

    Need help understanding Medigap? You’re not alone. This post will explain all of the different plans and how they compare to Medicare Advantage

  • 0 Coinsurance: What does it mean? (2022 Update)

    0 coinsurance is a great topic for us to discuss here because it truly is confusing. Many people have reached out about coinsurance because its one of the many terms they have to understand when picking a plan. Below is a quick review of topics for this post: What is coinsurance? The Pros and Cons…

  • Is WellCare Medicare Advantage good? (2022 Update)

    Is WellCare Medicare Advantage good? (2022 Update)

    WellCare’s Medicare Advantage Plan is one of the most sought after plans for those with WellCare availability. I chose WellCare Medicare Advantage because of their recent popularity and growth in the Medicare Advantage world. For this plan, I selected the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan titled “WellCare Premier PPO” and chose a zip code in…

  • Best Medicare Donut Hole explanation (2022 Update)

    The Medicare Donut hole sounds tasty, but in fact is a scary area that you should be aware of.

  • HMO versus PPO: Learn the difference

    HMO versus PPO: Learn the difference

    Learn the difference between an HMO and a PPO for both dental and medical insurance.