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  • High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans (2022 Update)

    If you are new to Medigap, AKA supplemental Medicare, you may not know that a few of the plans offer high-deductible plans. These plans are my favorite type of Medigap plans. I’ll explain why after we answer a few of the basics.  Here’s what we will cover in this guide: What is supplemental Medicare aka […]

  • Is Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement good? (2022 Answer)

    Mutual of Omaha offers Medicare supplemental health insurance, also known as Medigap. In this post I will cover what these plans offer, what they cost, and whether or not I think Mutual of Omaha offers a good product. Specifically, I will review Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Medicare Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Here […]